Shoreline space blanket #1

2017 Rovögern, Sweden


The name of Andreas Palmén’s latest project is LUMO - the Esperanto word for light.

The aim of LUMO is to investigate the interplay between man-made materials and nature. Can different objects add something to our perception of nature and serve as artefacts in the world around us? Is it possible to create images that are both intriguing and aesthetically interesting? An important part of the project is to give room to creativity in the search of fascinating reflections and light emissions.

The project title is LUMO.
A word that has various meanings in different languages and in different contexts.

In Esperanto, it means - LIGHT.
In Chemistry - the “Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital” as in the way the electrons arrange themselves around atoms and molecules. 

All of these different definitions are in some way connected. The project is about observing and capturing the reflection and emission of light in different situations.  The reason for giving the project the name LUMO is that it embraces everything that the projects aim for. Images with Esperanto lumo and hopefully also some Finnish lumo in them. The chemical theories about different electron configurations and the energy involved in these states are rather complex but can as far as it is relevant in this project be connected to different colours produced when in solution.

A small anecdote about Esperanto comes from an old memory. A memory about some vintage china and a local Esperanto club.

Esperanto a newly constructed universal language invented in the late 19th century. A language with the ambition to unite all nations in common brotherhood. Thinking of everyone being able to communicate in a universal language.
Andreas Palmén had moved to Stockholm and was working as an assistant to different portrait and studio photographers in the city. One day after work he happened to pass a sign, telling that the local Esperanto club was having a “garage sale” in their old premises. They were about to move and maybe needed both cash and less to carry. What are the odds for finding a flea market arranged by a local Esperanto club? This visit resulted in the purchase of some lovely Gustavsberg, Adam porcelain and a story to remember. A fascinating memory that comes to life every time the vintage china is out.
All these trivia has served as a background in giving the project its name, direction and its fundament.

Today Andreas Palmén can show the first results from LUMO here. The project is still very much in its bud and this is only initial scans of the first images in the first suite. This is an analogue project with all images composed and photographed using an old 4x5” field camera.

Shoreline space blanket #2

2017 Rovögern, Sweden

Levitating space blanket #1

2016 Betarsjön, Sweden


Space blanket

Land meets water. A thin plastic foil, a space blanket reflects the light. It moves in the wind, it levitates in the water, it is fragile. Almost surreal to look at. It is also a object that is strongly associated with a lot of different stories about people in dire situations.


Hanging space blanket #1
Betarsjön, Sweden

Washed ashore space blanket #1
2016 Tromsø, Norway