The ambition is always to create images that feels good for the person being portrayed. One challenge is, as always in photography, to find or to create the perfect light.

Are you in the search for new staff portraits or unique portraits on location? Maybe you need something special for a presentation, the web or print. I’m always interested in getting in touch so I can give some suggestions how to do the portraits and last but not least give a fair price.

Taking portraits is an art. You need to think about what you aim for when it comes to the expression. There are a lot of different factors that you need to consider, most fundamental being the time of the day and the weather. When it comes to the temperature you need to take special concerns — especially for the person being portrayed.

The most important thing of all is however that the person that is going to be portrayed feels relaxed. The ability to build confidence in a short period of time is perhaps the most important quality you need as a photographer.

I have made a short selection from different portraits made in different settings and expressions. Studio shots, in office environment, at a workshop, in a greenhouse and out in the woods. Sometimes there is just the natural light but often studio flashes in combination with the natural light.