Hi there,

Long time now since my last post here. I talked then about staying positive and I have really tried to do just that. Staying positive. But it is not always that easy. My art projects have been put on ice in periods over the last year. But it is time to change that. I can now proudly present a brand new site with some exciting material. I hope that you will appreciate it and that it will serve its purpose a lot better than the last one. The image of me trying to look into the future says it all - I'm desperately trying to tell my fortune borrowing my daughters magical glass sphere thing ...

I'd love to get some feedback. I'm always keen to get in contact with people interested in fine art photography.
So why don't you drop me a line?

The plan is to keep working with my latest project LUMO adding new pieces and start deciding about sizes and editions as soon as possible.

All the best,