LUMO and a way of celebrating Lucia

I look out through the window and to my great joy I see that it is snowing again here in Umeå. Yesterday, the 13th of December, was the day when we celebrate Lucia. This is one of the foremost cultural traditions here in Sweden alongside with midsummer. It's hard to summarise Lucia in few words but one of the key elements is LIGHT.

Setting up my old Linhof before the action.

I was thinking about what to do next in my project LUMO and decided that it would be nice to go out on this mythical day. It is always exciting to head out into the great outdoors. The weather was fantastic with a clear sky and a temperature of -10°C. After some well spent hours working with my trusty old Linhof in the cold, it felt nice to head back to the civilisation and my family. Some glögg (mulled wine), lussekatter (sweet saffron flavoured buns) and ginger snaps alongside with classic Lucia songs made my day complete.

Shooting analogue means planning and doing quite a lot of work when home again. As soon as I have developed the exposed 4x5" sheet films I will share the results ... I think :-)

Until then.