New art projects

The last pair of months has been exciting as I have prepared for the start of some new fine art photo projects. I have thought a lot about what I want to say - trying  to visualise the result in my head.  I've decided to go analogue and big this time. So now I'm the proud owner of a Linhof Master Technika. It feels good to handle a large format camera - the fine mechanics, being able to freely manipulate the focus plane and film plane independently. And last but not least to load 4x5 inch sheet film in a dark room and processing it manually by myself.

The premiere with the new gear and the start of the new projects were made during last weeks easter holiday. Not in Umeå where I normally reside but up even farther north in the Tromsø region in Norway. The reason for that is actually connected to one of the projects with the Swedish working title "flaskpost" or in English, it would be "message in a bottle". This very project needed to be started physically in a special location and that location is one hours drive from Tromsø. More information to come when I have some results that can be showed.

I've also taken the first images in the two different projects with the working titles "khom loy" and "emergency blanket". I will inform about the progress in the following weeks.

Yours truly in the middle of the creative process

Next up for me is to start developing the exposed sheet films. All done in black and white. The plan after a hopefully successful developing of the negatives is to scan and digitalise them. After that, I can look forward to the process of making the prints ... But for now, the main concern is to develop the negatives. Fingers crossed for perfect exposures and a flawless developing process.

Best wishes,