New beginnings ... en ny start

Hi there

During the last week have been down for a total remake. I hope you like what you see. My ambition is just to give you the best possible view of my work.

The organization of the page is quite straight forward and self explanatory. One of the new features under is the blog section. Until now my main channels for public communications has been through my tumblr and andreaspalmen on twitter.

"Do I actually have enough stuff to post that's interesting ... enough"? I don't know yet. But the only way to tell that is to give it a go. Another matter that needs to be sorted out in the near future is whether I should write only in English (with the obvious handicap in spontaneity that comes when not writing on your native language) or try to mix English with some posts in Norwegian and some in Swedish. Maybe I have to add some possibility to translate ... but on the other hand using features like automatic translating tends to come out just as a lot of gibberish.

Anyway. This post wasn't meant to be much longer. I hope to come back strong some day soon with something interesting to write about or to show you.


All the best, Andreas

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