A small Christmas miracle

A short post not related to my fine art photography at all. Just a nice little story about life.

Life can be hard, really hard sometimes. I’m thinking about the thin line between life and death after a small catastrophe with following rescue operation earlier today. A Common redpoll (Acanthis flammea ) crashed into a window close to where I enjoyed my morning coffee.

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Seasons greetings and a small big failure

I had the ambition to post something interesting about the proceeding of my LUMO project. I meant to show some stunning imagery from a stunning scenery with stunning light effects. But I think that this post instead has to be about the trials and errors faced with when pursuing a specific visual idea.

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The positive negative

I've now processed several batches of black and white 4x5" sheet film and I'm euphoric. Almost everyone looks nice. And that feels good because a lot of the exposures are from poor light conditions with long times. If you have experience shooting film you know that calculating correct shutter time for long exposures can be a struggle ...

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