Andreas Palmén (1970 Umeå, Sweden) grew up in Junsele, a place in the northern part of Sweden with vast woodlands, great rivers and many lakes.

The earliest inspiration came from the stories about one of Junsele's pioneering photographers “Petter Knäpp”, 1890 – 1956, a distant relative. Palmén was intrigued by the stories about "Petter Knäpp" as recounted by his grandfather. Today, he remains fascinated by the progression in the art of photography from the early 20th Century.

Andreas Palmén got his first position as a photography assistant in Stockholm working with studio photographer Christer Carlson, in particular learning the craft of large format studio photography. Later, he became head assistant to one of Sweden’s best portrait photographers – Jonas Fredwall Karlsson, prior to Karlsson’s “move” to the US and Vanity Fair. For two years Palmén worked with Karlsson on location throughout Sweden and in the US, mainly editorial portrait shoots for magazines but also commercial work. As head assistant, Palmén’s responsibilities included setting up lighting, keeping photographic gear in order and working in the photo laboratory, copying. This was an incredibly intense and important period for Palmén who learnt a great deal about the art of portrait, and the use of studio lighting both in the studio and on location.

After some hectic years in the fast revolving media world in Stockholm, Palmén decided to pursue another of his major interests - biology and natural science. In fact, he left Karlsson’s studio to study for a Master’s Degree in Population Genetics and Conservation Biology at Stockholm University. Later, he began a PhD at Södertörn University College and, the oldest university in Sweden, Uppsala University.

Following his heart, Palmén returned to the art of photography after over 10 yrs in the academia. He set up his own business in 2006 and since then he works full time with his own projects and assignments. Andreas Palmén is now mainly focused on fine art photography but he also undertake a lot of assigned work both commercial and editorial. His commissions also include photographs for academic institutions undertaking research.


In Sweden, Palmén is represented by the image stock agency Synk – specialists in Images from the northern part of Sweden. In the UK he is represented by The Shining Tree.

Andreas Palmén is a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Photographers (SFF) - a non profit organization for professional photographers in Sweden.